Classes Timetables

Kettlebell Classes Dorking Friends Life


19.15-20.15 (Advanced-General)


12.15-13.15 (Beginners-General)

19.15-20.15 (Beginners-General) REDHILL LIFE LINE GYM


13.15-14.15 (Beginners-General)

19.15-20.15 (Advanced-General)

Saturday         10.00-11.00 (General)

KYOKUSHIN KARATE 1044749_485715608174609_1763049066_n

Monday   18.15-19.45

Tuesday     12.00-13.00

Thursday  17.30-19.00

Saturday 11.30-12.30 (MMA Conditioning Training)

Tabata (Interval Training , Super Conditioning)

Start in January 2012

Price of trainings:

Kettlebell                     FIRST SESSION FREE    £10.00  Turn up by door

                                     £75.00  Full course with 10 sessions

Kyokushin Karate      FIRST SESSION FREE    £10.00 /session Or Membership  (more details  on training)

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