Events & Challenges

30 sept 2012 K3fitness team

Ironman in BarcelonaThe Team

Attila Kun,

30 jun 2012 K3fitness team

Monte Blanc Marathon The Team

Attila Kun, Krisztina Kun, Hunor Robert Szabo

20. May 2012 K3fitness team

100 mile Bicycle Race

The Team

Attila Kun

19. May 2012 Open water Seminar

The Team

Attila Kun

12-13 May 2012 K3fitness team


” probably toughest challange on the planet”The Team

Attila Kun, Gabor Kamondi, Craig Vincent, Zoltan Kozma, John Stanley, Tamas Szalai, Hunor Robert szabo, Annamaria Virag, Clare “custard”

2011 Xmas Party

2011 Bootcamp in HUNGARY

13-19 Aug 2011

2010 Xmas party 

2010 Have fun on the training

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