What is Kettlebell

Are you interested in supercharging your fitness and sculpting your body? Do you want to bust your belly fat, lose your love handles and feel fantastic, energized and strong? If you do, kettlebells could be for you.

Originating from Russia, the kettlebell has been the training tool of choice of strong men for hundreds of years. It is essentialy a big ball of black steel with a handle and can be used to do any excercise that you would normally do with the dumbbell or barbell. And because of the nature of kettlebell, it can be used for longer sets due to the way it fits in the hand.

During regular sessions, you will improve strength, power, speed, endurance, posture and flexibility. An accomplished kettlebell user can burn as many calories in 10 minutes as you would running for 45 minutes on a treadmill. The kettlebell works all the major muscle groups within the body. When used correctly the benefits are remarkable. Training  not only for strength, but cardio and flexibility all in one workout.

Are you qualified to join us? You don’t need to be an athlete, but you have to have determination. Anyone can use kettlebells, be a house-wife or a tri-athlete.

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