Sporting benefits

“When measured, athletes found that drinking oxygen enriched water increased their performance; reduced the heart rate on maximum load; and, despite an increase in working intensity, the lactic acid level in the blood decreased.
After consumption of oxygen-enriched water virtually every tested athlete was observed and found an increase in the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood.” Prof. Dr.Joseph Pucsok, Candidate of Sports Institute of Medicine.
Lactic acid is broken down in the liver and for this process oxygen is needed. (The oxygen level of the liver can be increased from 8% up to 43% after drinking oxygenated water.)
If there is more oxygen in the body, then these differences can be experienced during sports:
  • Increased physical performance
  • Reduced fatigue during exertion
  • Delayed onset of fatigue
  • Improved recovery time to normal resting state following exertion
  • At resting state, it can significantly reduce the grade of tension within the prestressed muscles after activity.

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