“Attila’s personal training programme has quite literally changed the way I live my life. Having never played sport, run or been in particularly good shape, in eight months I have lost over four stone in weight through personal training sessions and managing my nutrition under Attila’s guidance.
My journey included running a 5 k and then 10k race and then recently a half marathon with Attila at my side encouraging me all the way. When I began I could not run for more than three minutes. I have also now joined a gym, regularly run in the Surrey hills for pleasure and have taken up cycling. Attila makes training fun and every session is different, in the gym, in a field or park and he is interested only in helping you reach your goals, motivating and inspiring you to succeed.
I have never felt so fit and full of energy and my only regret is that I did not discover Attila personal training years ago”

John Stanley, 49. Dorking.











Kettlebells (in dorking kettlebell club) is a brilliant way to lose weight and tone up.  It combines using weights with cardio to ensure every part of your body is worked.  I really noticed the difference in my fitness levels after a short time and have gone from struggling to use 4kg to using 16kg in some parts of the class.

The classes are run by really inspirational teachers who work you hard but make working out fun.  I would recommend these classes to anyone who wants to be challenged, likes to work out and have fun!

Since starting kettlebells in January 2011 and following a healthy eating plan I have managed to lose over 5 stone and as you can see this has completely change my shape.


Claire Archer. Horley.

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